Unlock next Project is a program for the young men and women in ages of 18-35 years in Uganda with a main goal of creating a dignified and fulfilling work with interventions on maintaining ,creating and sustaining growth in job markets through strengthening of value chain actors to effectively produce and sell their goods and services in expanded markets , developing new financial mechanisms as well growing the capacity of business leaders and their support services to manage and expand their businesses together with PSFU , Movit and MasterCard Foundation.The activities under this program are mainly mentoring and mentorship sessions. These sessions are a one on one basis at a saloon level with the aim of helping young women and men to attain a dignified and fulfilling work. These sessions are l focusing on;- Understanding ones business (Business environment) whereby they have been able to learn what makes their business and their surroundings like customer relationship,, customer segments ,selling channels among others, Record keeping which will be helping them to track the progress of their business, Under this the emphasis was put on the Kards Saloon app which is a tool for quick record keeping. Marketing of their products and services and Business reporting.

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